Design By Freedom (DBF) is an invention company with the mission to move America to zero waste.

DBF will give all 300 million Americans the opportunity to move to zero waste through the redesign of seemingly inconsequential products. We take on big, systemic, wicked problems while also making sustainability fun. We use design thinking, systems thinking, and extreme imagination. Our solutions are aesthetically stellar, multi-functional, engaging, fun, sustainable, and most importantly zero waste.

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The Freedom Sleeve is our first invention. It is a zero-waste coffee sleeve that indulges your creative and fun side by incorporating stencils and games on the seemingly mundane coffee sleeve. The Freedom Sleeve protects your fingers and gives you the opportunity to create, think and innovate -- all while you are drinking your coffee. Then imagine this sleeve re-purposed as a bag tag, key chain, laptop wire tie, so it's always with you.

Now imagine, 40 million cardboard sleeves eliminated from the waste stream each day because you are empowered by The Freedom Sleeve, thoughtfully designed for engagement, portability and multi-functionality. Use The Freedom sleeve for as long as you'd like and then garden compost it or feed it to your plant.

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Design By Freedom Indiegogo Campaign

The Troublemakers

The story is simple.

Enter Freedom, aka Badass #1. Enter Clifford, aka Trouble.
Badass #1 and Trouble meet under a tree. They eat a cookie and feel the sparks. They jump out of a plane and live to tell the story. They dive under water, swim with a shark and resurface to share the thrill. They climb Mt. Massive (14,000ft, Colorado Rockies) and survive the lightening attacks. In short, they get lost and found a lot.

In the middle of being lost and found, they find each other. They share their dreams and aspirations. Turns out both love life and feel so fantastic when they imagine and invent. Both share their passion for poems and the great outdoors. They super-bloom and become one. (FYI -- The parents know all this by now.) Then, boom… a big bang explosion gives birth to Design By Freedom. It’s all they had been dreaming of all their lives.

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We are always looking to connect with believers, doers, rogues, renegades and crazy-types. We are growing the mission and our team. Please contact us on email at, or subscribe to our updates by counting yourself in. You can also keep up with the updates through our social media accounts.
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Design By Freedom Indiegogo Campaign

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Design By Freedom Indiegogo Campaign